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We use KYMCO ATV’s and UTV’s for all our off-roading needs.   When thinking about a new ATV or Side by Side, be sure to consider a KYMCO as we have had nothing but reliable performance from these machines.  Here is a little info on this great company.

In 2005, BECO Motor International Inc. became the sole importer and distributor of KYMCO products to Canada. By progressively adding models to its line up each year, KYMCO has been able to differentiate itself on the Canadian market by offering a wide variety of displacement ranges, styles, colours, and features.

KYMCO strives to offer more options to consumers than many of the competing brands on the market, particularly in the scooter category.

KYMCO also offers an exceptional warranty package (2 years for on-road products and 1 year for off-road products), next day parts service, licensed technical staff and a long-standing commitment to quality control, customer service and reliability.

KYMCO has set itself apart on the market by offering a high quality product at an affordable price. There are approximately 50 authorized KYMCO dealers across Canada and thousands of KYMCO riders!

All of the staff members at KYMCO Canada are also KYMCO riders who confidently stand behind the brand and its products.





Elite Archery was established in 2005 in the state of Washington. Certain assets of Elite Archery were sold to J2 Archery Inc. In January 2009, Elite Outdoors, LLC. purchased certain assets from J2 Archery Inc and Elite Archery was moved to Upstate New York.

Elite Outdoors, LLC is led by Peter Crawford as president of the company. Peter has nearly a decade of experience in the archery industry. Garret Armstrong oversees the marketing department and is also the Vice President of Elite Outdoors.

Bill Ruth joins the team as the V.P. of Sales while Mike Derus is the company’s lead design engineer. Also on the Elite Outdoors team are Jim Klossner, V.P of Operations,; Maggie Armstrong, Director of Communications; Dick Bamann, Warranty / Technical Manager; Vickie Pellegrin, Credit Manager and Kerrianne Mesiti, Customer Service Manager.


At the core of the Beretta family of firearms is a passion. An understanding of the wild places. The cold fields of autumn. The high grass and the low marsh. Rain and sun. Man and dog. It’s an understanding that is pure and real. It lives in the deepest reaches of the hunter’s heart. The innermost corners of the shooter’s soul.

And it is everywhere.

A field in Tuscany. A lake in Wyoming. The flash of a tail. The thunder of wings. And then there is the stirring. The relentless search for balance. Between what has gone before and what is yet to be. Between then and now and tomorrow. This is the passion that drives Beretta. It’s in our genes. And so, too, is it in our hearts. It’s why we exist. And it’s why we have endured for nearly 500 years.

Because of one purpose. One passion.



Scorpion Optics – Superior accuracy, rugged dependability, and crystal clear lenses make Scorpion’s line of optics an outstanding choice for today’s hunter.  With quality that simply cannot be found for a similar price, Scorpion scopes are the choice atop all the HCAB rifles from .300 Win Mags to .223 varmint rifles.  We also use their bincos and rangefinders and have found them to be of outstanding value.



SpyPoint is a company specialized in design and manufacture of monitoring systems. These motion activated systems are mostly used for sport hunting.  We use SpyPoint for all our Trail Cam needs.



Primal is a superior attractant that attracts wild game by giving them what they want and need with an effective blend of minerals, vitamins, proteins and special ingredients that they love.  This is a great product to use in combination with trail cameras for year round scouting of Bears, Moose, Deer, and Elk etc.


Gold Tip Logo

Gold Tip arrows provide HCAB with the straight shooting required when chasing the trophy of a lifetime.  With advanced carbon-fiber construction, Gold Tip arrows continue to be some of the toughest, straightest and most consistent in both the hunting industry and the target circuits.


Built for the biggest of big game!

- Cut on contact leading tip, Sharp coated rib runner blades, Tough stainless steel body.


 It’s a Great Day at Yorkton Dodge

Whether it’s a new or used Truck, SUV, Car, Van or RV, Yorkton Dodge offers the best deals around.

270 Hamilton Road                                                                             Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Phone: (306) 783-9022 Toll Free 1-877-726-0823


Performance Archery and Arms Since 2003

For all your archery and arms need, be sure to visit North Pro Sports in store or online.

Toll Free: 1-888-249-1991

211A-103rd Street East
Saskatoon, SK, Canada


Hunting Canada and Beyond TV and Canadian Whitetail Television crews has been using these knives for all their skinning needs and have been very impressed.  Never deal with a dull blade again – simply replace with a disposable razor sharp blade just like doctors and taxidermists.



















GUNSHY Archery Products